Insurance for Expatriates in Indonesia

In 2014 Indonesia will start the process of deploying a universal health care – through the stages, the goal is to have a national health service in Indonesia established in 2019. At present, only about 60 percent of Indonesia’s population is covered by some form of health insurance by Refworld. Meanwhile, expats who are currently living in Indonesia or planning to in the near future will need to purchase international private health insurance.

When looking for insurance for expatriates in Indonesia, it is important to first determine what benefits will be needed in the plan. If you are looking for an insurance plan / plan, some of the key benefits you want to ensure include your plan are:

1. In Patient and Out-Patient care
2. Fitness Visits
3. Repatriation Time
4. Emergency Medical Evacuation
5. Hospitalization
6 Doctor Visits

Other benefits you want to look beyond these items may include maternity health, mental health, fitness, and pre-existing conditions. Two popular options when it comes to insurance for expatriates in Indonesia include the following examples of insurance plan simulations:

IMG Global Medical Insurance Plan:

Individuals can have up to $ 8 million in coverage with Global Medical plans and can choose their own deductibles. This plan covers all the basics of suggested coverage plus more comprehensive benefits such as vision, dental, health, mental health and pregnancy.


If you are looking for one of the most comprehensive plans in terms of insurance for expatriates in Indonesia, this plan is the option you are looking for. Individuals with IHHP plan can enjoy coverage for the basics along with terrorist attacks and chronic condition when diagnosed after enrollment. Plus, this package lets you enjoy lifelong protection – regardless of your age or health.

If you want more information about insurance for expatriates in Indonesia or help choose between Global Medical and IHHP plan, please contact one of the brokers agenatau asuransiyang already licensed.

Although foreigners are not viewed as a prime target more than others, they are generally considered to be rich. This is evidenced by the fact that the household burglary is the most common crime against expatriates, usually performed by some former members of the housekeeping staff. It proves how important protkesi insurance for them.

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